Wednesday, January 20, 2010



So, it's been raining.

Like, really raining.

and windy. Really windy.

They had a tornado warning for quite some time.


The rain has ruined many plans... many plans.

I'm not a big fan of running from my car to destinations. It's not fun.

and rain puts a halt on bike riding. errrrrr.

I wish I was a polar bear.

-Moises Galvan

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been on here in a while... Sorry!

I will be making new entries much more often now. Due to me not having anything better to do.

Well Today I rode my bike. I rode it around my town, You enjoy things better when you're on a bike. When you drive in a car, everything around you is a blur!

Then I bought a Vietnamese sandwich! It was delicious. I also bought a side of sweet rice to go along with it. The rice was purple. It was weird. I swear I was not on acid!

Yesterday I went to the market and got some amazing gum. It's called Big League Chew. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you do. May I recommend the sour apple one.

The lighting in my house is Dim...

I don't like it.

I Shall go to Home Depot tomorrow to fix this little dilemma.

Moises Galvan

Saturday, October 17, 2009



Today was a special day, why? Because the new TEGAN AND SARA album, SAINTHOOD, was leaked. 

I listened to it, and it was supreme. 

But to everybody that downloads the leak, please plan on buying the album when it comes out later this month! I already pre-ordered the digital edition and the limited edition! so you know, I'm set.

Yesterday I biked a lot and it was fun. I should take my bike to more places now.

Friday oct 16th:
I worked at POP boutique.

I hung out with my friend.

I ate some really good pizza from a place in North Park. 

I went to some thrift shops and pawn shops.

I went to the post office.

I went to a donut shop.

I met a girl on a cool bike.

I didn't do my home work.

Moises Galvan

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is over.

Oh my, I am saying my final farewells to September.

September seems to be my favorite month out of the whole year, not only because of my birthday, but because it seems like september is the month for fresh starts.

I have been 18 for 9 days. whoooo.

Well I pre-ordered the new Tegan and Sara cd. Deluxe edition. Did anybody else order it as well? Are you excited about the new books? Yes? I, for sure, am.

I'm picking up my bike tomorrow from getting serviced. It's a new bicycle. I mean it's old, but new to me. I love it. It's aweeeeesome. When I get it back, I will post pictures of it so you all can see it.

What should I name my bike? hmmm... maybe DJ Tanner? Who knows?

Lately I've been going to Ralph's on a daily basis... I don't know why. I love Ralph's. 

Oh yeah, Freshly Fun is donating a goody bag to be raffled at Soma on sat. october 3rd. All proceeds go towards the medical costs of a dear band, A City Serene, which was involved in a terrible accident not to long ago.

So all of you san diego kids, go to SOMA on october 3!!!!!

Be there,
Moises Galvan

Friday, September 18, 2009

Books and Sandwiches

Hello there fellas and lady fellas,

Well, it most definitely has been a while huh? Well my pardon. School started and all.

Text books are mad expensive! Geez, like sooo expensive. But on the plus side, every time I buy a book, I buy a sandwich from a little place next to the book store. It's a bittersweet trip for sure.

My birthday is coming up, it's on the 21st. I will be old. I don't want to be old. I want to go back to high school. Some one invent a time machine already! 

What will I do for/on my birthday? Probably nothing. Maybe something. I am spontaneous.

So, how is everything?

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I haven't updated in a while, my baaad. I've been kinda busy, not really.

So comic con went great. I had so much fun, and the Promoguys were super chill. I met so many awesome people and worked with some celebrities.

I bought a bike with the money I made from comic con. Sadly the bike has given me problems. can you return bikes?

Today I did  a lot! I went to the farmers market in little italy and it was super rad. Could I get a booth there? Hmm I  want one. Hopefully the market manager isn't a jerk like RON. 

Today I also hung out with some cool people and had ice cream.

I sold a shirt.

and ate an otter pop.


Moises Galvan

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hello there!

Well today I bought a vintage Buddy Holly LP box set :)
Is it awesome? Well, yes it is sir.

Okay so I got good news!

This awesome marketing company called PromoGuys hired my media company! Not for just any event! I will be a photographer at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2009! cool huh? I've been wanting to attend the comic-con recently, but they always sell out before I can even think about it.

The comic con has gotten extremely popular these days!

It's an awesome event, I've attended several times. The first time I went was 2001, I think. I was 10 years olds and a huge marvel fan(I still am). It's crazy to think that almost 8 years later I will actually be there working there as a photographer! I'm sooooooo excited.

So how are you?

I'm working on something cool right now. I should be up soon.

Be on the look out!

I sure am,
Moises Galvan